International Days of March - Waffle & Pancake Day: The best equipment & serving ideas for waffles & pancakes

02/03/2022 08:01

Waffles and pancakes remain a tempting sweet served not only by brunch stores but also by pastry shops or cafes, making it one of the cool desserts to enjoy with coffee!

On March 25 every year, your customers have one more reason to order delicious waffles or pancakes with excellent toppings, since International Waffle Day is the new trend that you should not miss!

It was originally celebrated in Sweden, but… now enjoys worldwide recognition, with creative delicacies and presentation ideas taking the pleasure to… another level!

But what’s the secret to making a crispy waffle or a fluffy pancake? Professionals of the genre know that everything is in a successful dough. That's why pastry chef Eugenios Vardakastanis of Noble Pastry Athens recommends Hendi professional waffle cast iron pans!

Choose from cast iron waffle pans with rectangular designs, or the impressive "Heart", which has five joined heart designs. Their excellent construction, modern features, and high-quality standards ensure the perfect baking for waffles and pancakes, which will become the basis to create delicious ideas for brunch!

Particularly useful is the Hendi dual induction hob with reinforcement, which was designed to ensure high-performance capabilities according to the professional needs of a pastry shop. In combination with the Hendi pans with the non-stick coating - ideal for the highest temperatures - you gain speed and improve the final baking result for the crepes and pancakes.



How to serve waffles & pancakes

Serving time means… time for style and creativity! Do you want to make a special presentation that will let your customers live an unforgettable experience?

Our pastry chef, Eugenios Vardakastanis chose for his crepes the wonderful ceramic dishes Side by Gural. A complete collection of dishes with a modern design in beige with brown spots, an ideal choice for concept rustic interior, which gives a unique look, especially to sweet creations!

For his excellent waffles, he chose the rectangular dish from the Terra Porcelain Matt Gray series by Genware and the shallow Concrete dish by Cosy & Trendy, while the Splendido dishes also by Cosy & Trendy were used for his delicious pancakes!

But because toppings make all the difference in taste, do not forget the very useful accessories such as the Hendi honey dispenser to ensure all the necessary syrups that will take off the taste choices of your customers!

Complete your collection with cups and coffee makers to serve your aromatic coffees with every dessert!